SC to CBSE on AIPMT Result, Sanctity more important than delay

By | June 13, 2015

AIPMT Result 2015: Your System has failed, u have been outwitted and outmaneuvered by cheaters using electronics devices in examination hall: SC to CBSE

Supreme Court Raps CBSE for alleged mass cheating in 2015 AIPMT reserves its order on plea for re-examination

It’s a big news on AIPMT Supreme Court has told to CBSE to not to declare AIPMT 2015 results. Results were earlier scheduled t be declare on June 5, 2015 but due to the Supreme Court Stay order on AIPMT Result 2015. The criticism on AIPMT Paper which was conducted on May 03, 2015 was started on the same day with the words that AIPMT 2015 Answer key has been leaked and has been circulated in many states across India.

Supreme Court has clearly stated that CBSE will have to re conduct the examination. CBSE urges to Supreme Court that there were only 44 students among the beneficiaries who have been tracked down. Approximately 6.3 lakh students are being affected due to this matter. As the matter is beinf is being investigating by Haryana Police, so Haryana Police has said that all the students who have been benefited on this have been charged.

AIPMT Result 2015 : Haryana Police Investigation Report

As per the Haryana Police Statement 70 phone calls was made on May 3, 2015 on different numbers. CSBE said that if the examination will have to be re conduct that then it will take approximately 3-6 months for conducting of examination and declaration of AIPMT Result.

As per the report from Haryana Police they have said that 358 mobiles phones were active during the examination when the examination when the examination was being conducted on 3rd of May between 10 am till 1 pm, they have confirmed this on one of their report submitted earlier. So court has asked them to further investigate and give its certainty whether they will be able to detect the ‘n’ recipient of not but at the same time when this observation came, IGP Mr.Srikant Yadav who was present in the court was graceful to say that this is very difficult. Mr Amit Bhatia and other police officers from the same police departments said that the more we are investigating the more Pandora boxes are being opening and this is running into various states.

Supreme Court have reserved its statement on not to declare AIPMT Result. Supreme court has asked the Haryana Police to complete the investigation to an certainty where if they can detect the beneficiaries where they are running into hundreds or thousands.

Here we would like to give you information that in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) there was an exam for medical seats that also been cancelled by them because there has been mass leakage of paper. Out of 70 seats 35 students from the same center got selected they have been able to clear the examination. SO AMU has state that even UPCMT which was conducted on 25 has been leaked.

People are paying heavy amount for this whose parents those are in services and students those have to do hard labor and after the directed of Supreme Court 3-4 years back this exam is conducted once in a year, whole year goes and 10 year students have to study to become specialized and if supposing tomorrow such people like “Munna Bhai”  get themselves qualified as doctors they would be treating with the healthcare of this nation and what messages will go across the country or globe that India has such no worthy doctors.

AIPMT Result 2015: SC to CBSE on reconducting the AIPMT examination

CBSE as per their website on the internet their duty is to conduct exams fairly in fair manner with sanctity. CBSE has gravely failed to do so that because a child is not allowed to go in the examination center with his own pen or pencil as they provide it to students so how can CBSE allowed a candidate to go with ear piece with Bluetooth devices on their body so that means it doesn’t now lies in the mouth of CBSE to say that it will be delayed for two months or four months. SC asked CBSE, if the sanctity of the exams or results is more important or the delay which will be caused due to re conducting of examination.

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SC to CBSE on AIPMT Result, Sanctity more important than delay
CBSE failed gravely to maintain Sanctity of AIPMT Result 2015. SC to CBSE on reconducting the AIPMT 2015 examination and Investigation report.

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